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- (void) reloadData   [implementation]

Reloads the data provided by data source

Reimplemented from < AdDataSourceDelegation >.

Definition at line 142 of file AdunSystem.m.

References dataSource.

      systemName = [dataSource valueForKey: @"systemName"];
      [dynamics reloadData];
      [bondedTopology reloadData];
      [shortRangeNonbondedTopology reloadData];
      numberOfAtoms = [[dynamics valueForKey:@"numberOfAtoms"] intValue];
      //FIXME: This must be done here since state cannot deal with a system that has not
      //loaded its dataSource. See AdState class todo list

      if(state == nil)
            state = [[AdState alloc] initWithEnvironment: environment system: self];
            [state updateSystemData];

      NSDebugLLog(@"AdSystem", @"Removing translational degrees of freedom (%@).", 
                  NSStringFromClass([self class]));
      [self _removeTranslationalDOFFrom: [[dynamics valueForKey: @"coordinates"] pointerValue] 
                        withVelocities: [[dynamics valueForKey: @"velocities"] pointerValue]];
      NSDebugLLog(@"AdSystem", @"Complete (%@).", NSStringFromClass([self class]));

      [notificationCenter postNotificationName: @"AdSystemContentsDidChangeNotification"
            object: self];

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