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AdSystem Class Reference

#import <AdunSystem.h>

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AdObject < AdUpdating > < AdDataSourceDelegation > < AdCreation > < AdEnvironmentObservation >

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Detailed Description

The AdSystem class represents a certain component of a simulation consisting of a set of particles and their associated topology and state. It is composed of five lower level classes which are all subclasses of AdSystemComponent. These classes are AdDyanmics, AdBondedTopology, AdState and two AdNonBondedTopology instances, one for normal and one for long range interactions. AdSystem creates and manages this collection of classes providing a unified interface to the entire system.

AdSystem uses a dataSource to retrieve the data it manages. The data source object must conform to the AdSystemDataSource protocol.

Move removeTranslationalDegreesOfFreedom:velocities to Base
Implement wrappers around all necessary subsystem methods.
Clear up nomenclature of nonbonded interactions - remove shortRange qualifier for explicit interactions since the range is dependant on the cutoff. Leave long range to imply interactions that are some approximation to explicit interactions for interactions over a certain threshhold.

also need to be able to set separate cutoffs for various nonbondedInteractions.


AdSystemStatusDidChangeNotification - Sent when status is changed. Object is the AdSystem whose status changed. UserInfo contains two keys @"PreviousStatus" and @"CurrentStatus".

AdSystemContentsDidChangeNotification - Sent when an AdSystem instance reloads its data or when certain (yet to be defined) modification methods are used

Definition at line 24 of file AdunSystem.m.

Public Member Functions

(void) - _removeTranslationalDOFFrom:withVelocities: [implementation]
(void) - _useEnvironmentDefaults [implementation]
(NSValue *) - accelerations
(NSDictionary *) - bondedInteractions
(id) - bondedTopology
(NSValue *) - coordinates
(id) - dataSource [implementation]
(void) - dealloc [implementation]
(void) - deregisterWithEnvironment [implementation]
(id) - dynamics
(void) - encodeWithCoder: [implementation]
(void) - frameUpdate [implementation]
(id) - init [implementation]
(id) - initWithCoder: [implementation]
(id) - initWithEnvironment: [implementation]
(id) - initWithEnvironment:observe: [implementation]
(double) - kineticEnergy
(NSValue *) - longRangeNonbondedInteractions
(id) - longRangeNonbondedTopology
(void) - moveCentreOfMassToOrigin [implementation]
(NSDictionary *) - nonbondedInteractionTypes
(int) - numberOfAtoms
(BOOL) - observesEnvironment [implementation]
(double) - potentialEnergy
(void) - registerWithEnvironment [implementation]
(void) - reloadData [implementation]
(void) - setCurrentForceFieldState:
(void) - setDataSource: [implementation]
(void) - setEnvironment: [implementation]
(void) - setObservesEnvironment: [implementation]
(void) - setStatus:
(NSValue *) - shortRangeNonbondedInteractions
(id) - shortRangeNonbondedTopology
(id) - state
(NSString *) - status
(void) - synchroniseWithEnvironment [implementation]
(id) - systemKeywords
(id) - systemName [implementation]
(double) - temperature
(double) - time
(void) - update [implementation]
(void) - updateDependantsOfKey: [implementation]
(void) - updateForKey:value:object: [implementation]
(NSValue *) - velocities
(void) - zeroAccelerations

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