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AdDynamics Class Reference

#import <AdunDynamics.h>

Inheritance diagram for AdDynamics:

AdSystemComponent < AdMemento > AdObject < AdDelegation > < AdDataSourceDelegation > < AdCreation > < AdEnvironmentObservation >

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Detailed Description

AdDynamics is the Framework object for dynamical information on a collection of particles i.e. coordinates, velocities and accelerations
Changing the value of TargetTemperature or Seed in Environment will only affect the object (through key value observing) when reloadData is next called and then only if the dataSource delegate doesnt provide velocity information.
When unarchiving AdDynamics currently assumes it was created with an environment and registered with it. Change so it recreates itself in exactly the same way as it was encoded.

Definition at line 25 of file AdunDynamics.m.

Public Member Functions

(void) - _calculateCentreOfMass [implementation]
(void) - _createAccelerationMatrix [implementation]
(void) - _createVelocityMatrix [implementation]
(void) - _fullEncodeWithCoder: [implementation]
(void) - _mementoEncodeWithCoder: [implementation]
(void) - _retrieveAccelerations [implementation]
(void) - _retrieveAtomTypes [implementation]
(void) - _retrieveCoordinates [implementation]
(void) - _retrieveVelocities [implementation]
(void) - _useEnvironmentDefaults [implementation]
(NSValue *) - accelerations
(NSArray *) - atomMasses
(NSArray *) - atomTypes
(id) - captureState [implementation]
(void) - captureStateWithArchiver:key: [implementation]
(void) - centerOnAtom:
(void) - centerOnPoint:
(double *) - centreOfMass
(NSValue *) - coordinates
(id) - dataSource [implementation]
(void) - dealloc [implementation]
(id) - delegate [implementation]
(void) - deregisterWithEnvironment [implementation]
(void) - encodeWithCoder: [implementation]
(id) - init [implementation]
(id) - initWithCoder: [implementation]
(id) - initWithEnvironment: [implementation]
(id) - initWithEnvironment:observe: [implementation]
(double) - mass
(void) - moveCentreOfMassToOrigin [implementation]
(int) - numberOfAtoms
(BOOL) - observesEnvironment [implementation]
(void) - registerWithEnvironment [implementation]
(void) - reloadData [implementation]
(void) - returnToState: [implementation]
(int) - seed
(id) - setCaptureMethod: [implementation]
(void) - setDataSource: [implementation]
(void) - setDelegate: [implementation]
(void) - setEnvironment: [implementation]
(void) - setObservesEnvironment: [implementation]
(void) - setSeed:
(void) - setTargetTemperature:
(void) - synchroniseWithEnvironment [implementation]
(double) - targetTemperature
(void) - updateDependantsOfKey: [implementation]
(void) - updateForKey:value:object: [implementation]
(NSValue *) - velocities
(void) - zeroAccelerations

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